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How much does it cost to build a pool in California?

Imagine having a sundeck and a soothing swimming pool welcoming you whenever you need that therapeutic plunge! This intriguing idea may not be possible if you don’t have a swimming pool on your property. If you are planning to invest in a swimming pool, you may be wondering how much does a swimming pool cost? Like other things, swimming pools come in different sizes, shapes, and add-ons like heating, filtration, a landscape, etc.

Average Swimming pool cost

Your swimming pool cost is directly proportional to the size and type of pool you want to be made at your home. Give us a call for a free estimate. We have the expertise to build your dream swimming pool.

Types of swimming pool and their Cost

As they say, the more the sweat, the more the reward! Numerous characteristics affect the total cost of the swimming pool, like size, design, amenities, etc. Let’s navigate through a few of the kinds of swimming pools you may be inclined to.

Types of Swimming pool

The foremost thing to consider is the type of pool you want which is tailor-made to your requirements yet cost-effective. Two kinds of swimming pools are offered commercially depending on the position of the swimming pool on the ground, i.e., above-ground pool or in-ground pool.

When consulting swimming pool experts, they may show you options like:

  • Above-ground swimming pool

  • In-ground swimming pool

  • Saltwater swimming pools

  • Spools

  • Plunge pools

  • Endless pool or Lap pool

Above Ground Pool

Above-ground pools are a great choice if you are low on budget. These pools are way cheaper than their contemporary in-ground type but physically less appealing. The cost of the pool is highly driven by complicated processes like excavation and wiring below the ground. Since this pool type does not require any excavation, it is lighter in your pocket.

The rate for building an above-ground pool can range between $1800-$5000, averaging at $2800. For a 30’ round above-ground pool, the cost may touch $4200 or $4000 for 15’ x 30’. The price is also affected by installing 1.5’ trenches and electric wiring from the house. Thus, the deeper the well, the colder the water!!

  • Above-ground pools with Decks

Depending on your budget, you can get creative with your swimming pools as much as you like. You can install a deck around your above-ground pool for an uber look. Depending on the materials used and the deck’s dimensions, your cost may range from $15 to $30 per square. The total cost of the deck alone can vary from $2800 to $10,000, or you may set up a DIY deck ranging somewhat between $800 to $3000 if you have a background in construction or you are a successful DIYer.

  • In-ground pools

These may be a necessity rather than a luxury if you live in a warmer place. In-ground pools vary widely depending on the dimensions, shape, current amount, and myriads of exterior creativity. The average cost of an in-ground pool may cost around $18000-$55000, depending on the number of features you want to be added. The price of the labor and excavation make up almost 25-50% of the total pool cost, depending on the dimensions and type of material used in the pool.

  • Saltwater swimming pool

If you are a beginner, saltwater swimming pool installation costs around $29,000 to $57000 and $600 to $2200 if you already have a chlorine pool. Conversion of chlorine pool into saltwater chlorination system known as salt chlorine generator may cost up to $870/10,000 gallons.

For an above-ground saltwater pool, the cost can go from $600 to $1000, and for an in-ground pool, the price may surge as high as $2200.


Small inground pools may also be called spools, which can drastically cut your expenses. Houses with small backyards can accommodate spools yet add style to your home. This may cost you around $20,000 to $25,000. They come with a powerful induction motor, just like a spa but larger. If you yearn for a spa ambiance right in your place, nothing is better than a well-installed spool.

  • Plunge pool

How about having a pool party in your plunge pool with your friends and making the best of your time? The idea sounds intriguing; however, you have a price to pay! The median cost of the plunge pool is around $15000-$25000 for a 10’ to 15’ width and 5.5’ to 7’ depth. Also known as cocktail pools, plunge pools are used for recreational purposes rather than actual swimming.

  • Endless pool or lap pool

Lap pools are a new hot favorite for people with a low budget. These pools are narrow and have a motor that produces enough current to keep you floating in one direction. With average dimensions of around 6’ – 9’ deep and 40’ to 70’ long, these pools come in a range of $20,000 to $50,000, with an average starting price of $24000 for most lean budget homeowners.

Factors contributing to the cost of the pool

When you inspect the hiking cost of the swimming pools, you may want to keep a few things in foresight. Like everything in the world, pools also express multicity; the cost can never be stagnant as various factors affect the final installation prices. Adding Some of the pricing elements:

  • Materials used in the pol

  • Excavation and labor prices

  • Landscaping

  • Heating

  • Filtration

  • Maintenance Cost

Materials used in the pool

The cost is highly driven by the type of materials used in the pool. For fiberglass pool cost ranges between $18000-$65000, for a concrete pool, $29,000-$60,000, and for vinyl liner pool $25000- $45,000.

Excavation and Labor Pricing

The amount of excavation and the number of laborers required to construct your desired pool is directly proportional to the cost of the pool. For an average pool size cost of about $50-$13,830/square foot, excavation and labor cost $1,770 – $13,830 and $8,000 – $30,000 respectively.


You can be as creative as you like with the aesthetics of your pool. You can be creative with palm trees, fake grass, huts, or fountains; the price surge varies. The average cost for landscaping is $3000 to $5000/square foot.


Installing a heating system in the pool lets, you make the fullest of your investment by using the pool all year round. The average cost of installing a heater in your collection is $1000 to $4000.


For a mid-sized ground pool, a filtration system costs between $500 to $2000. This may be regarded as the critical part of the pool since you wouldn't want to swim in algal or murky water, would you?

Maintenance Cost/annum

The maintenance of your swimming pool is roughly estimated at around $960 to $1800—the average cost for owning the entire pool average around $3000 to $5000.

Final Verdict

With our joint plunge into the pool of costs and estimations of establishing a swimming pool at your place, we discovered the Average pool cost of constructing the swimming pool could be as low as $300 to as high as $60,000. When looking out for the perfect swimming pool, consider all the factors that are not just cost-effective but also aesthetically pleasing. With all the wisdom spread out in front of you, go ahead with your swimming pool mission!



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