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Concrete Resurfacing and Overlay in Palm Springs

Champion Construction Company specializes in Custom Concrete Resurfacing and Overlay such as re-furbishing and resurfacing your existing old, faded, cracked concrete or cement. If you are unhappy with your existing concrete or cement patio, garage, walkways, driveway or home foundation. We can give you a free estimate. We will share special textures and concrete resurfacing and overlay designs that can give your existing concrete or cement a distinct look to match your style and taste. Concrete or Cement Floors that are old, cracked, discolored chipped, etc. can be made to look new again. Our employees specialize in making concrete/cement floors look brand new and elegant by adding sealers, colors and a variety of textures that can bring back that new, clean shine and appealing look. Feel

free to scroll down and look at some of the

concrete resurfacing and overlay jobs we

have completed. 


We offer designs to your existing

concrete/cement such as:

  • stone

  • random stone

  • flagstone

  • brick

  • stone texture only

  • And many more...



Not to mention the topical mixed colors and lacquer sealers we add to bring out every detail in the finish giving a high gloss look and bringing out the textured detail in the finish. 


Trust the professionals at Champion Construction Company to do your concrete resurfacing and overlay work.


Refurbish your existing concrete to look new again

If you have existing concrete and want to make it look new whether it be a driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck or more and you are unhappy with its look such as, discoloration, cracks, need change... We can offer you a variety of solutions with our custom concrete services. Depending on the extreme present look of your concrete surface Champion Construction Company's custom concrete services can restore or resurface your existing concrete making it look new and as if you had a brand new job completed. We can offer you different styles or designs of concrete resurfacing such as, Flag Stone, Brick, Stamped, Kool Deck, Stone Textures and more. If you have a garage floor which needs refurbishing, we can offer you epoxy coatings to bring elegance and easy cleaning maintanance for those unsightly oil spills. Each concrete resurfacing job can be placed with the color of your choice to meet your highest standards. We offer warranties on our custom concrete services which are written on contract.

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