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Swimming Pool Remodeling in Indio, Ca.

Existing pools and spas renovated to beautiful and luxurious styles. If you think that your old pool or spa needs to be removed and rebuilt as new, think again. Swimming Pool Remodel can make your existing pool look like new and features can be added such as:


  • Jacuzzi

  • Waterfall

  • Spillway

  • Shear descents and more


Your backyard can look as good as new. So don't worry about going over your budget with a brand new pool when you can use what you have and make it a luxurious, warm and cozy new atmosphere.


































Champion Construction Company can help If you have an existing pool that was built years ago and has the following conditions:


  • Weather-beaten or just old

  • Plaster is discolored

  • Waterline tile is faded, broken or missing

  • Water stained and ruined the look

  • Need to upgrade your equipment


Maybe you want to add or reduce from your swimming pools existing size or shape. We can help you with that too! We specialize in remodeling and restoring swimming pools to beautiful and enjoyable again.


We offer:

  • Stones of your choice

  • Tiles of your choice

  • Plasters

  • Pebble Finish

  • Water Features

  • Spa add-ons

  • Salt Systems

  • Digital Time Clocks

  • New Pumps

  •  and many more options 

Swimming Pool Remodel services that we offer:


  • Removing Old Plaster and Replacing With New Plaster or - Pebble Finish.

  • Removing Old Tile or Stone and Replacing With New Courtside Stone or Tile.

  • Widen or Lengthen the Size of Your Pool.

  • Add Water Features.

  • Add Salt System and Removing Chlorine.

  • Change Control System.

  • Upgrade or Change Existing Pool Equipment.

  • Add Spa/Jacuzzi.


If its not listed, feel free to call us any time with any question you might have.

Pool and Spa Remodel in La Quinta PGA West Jack Nicklaus Tournament Course

Here is a fine example of a Swimming Pool and Spa Remodel in La Quinta, CA. at the beautiful PGA West Jack Nicklaus Tournament Course. We demolished the existing chipped and destroyed pool Pebble surface. We then replaced with a new courtside stone throughout the top waterline edge, replaced with a new Cosmic Blue Colored Pebble and repaired the waterfall feature. Take a look at our before and after pictures below.






Champion Construction Company offers the best prices in the General Contractor in the industry.



We're proud of our reviews on Yelp, and Google.



With bilingual customer support and on-site quality assurance teams, we ensure that your experience is amazing from start to finish.



Can you build me a new Swimming Pool or Remodel my existing Swimming Pool?

What does it mean to let the concrete cure and how long does the curing process take?


Specializing in:

Block walls, Patios, Walkways, Driveways, Concrete Foundations, Stamped concrete, Fire pits, Barbecue Islands, and Concrete repairs.

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